Whilst others may rely on cold steel or the whims of the gods, Sorcerers delve into ancient secrets and mysteries as they train themselves to tap into the very essence of the Universe itself. By becoming veritable conduits for timeless energies, they attempt to grapple with raw, unbound, elemental energy in their endless quest for power.

Harnessing ice magic and pyromancy with often reckless bravado, these masters of the elements have won decisive victories in more than one battle that the gods had destined for defeat. Torn from within by two destructive forces, they juggle the indiscriminate wrath of fire with the heartless fury of ice. By bending the elements to their will, sorcerers are able to unleash volleys of scorching fires to engulf their foes in flame whilst also invoking the sharpest of ice projectiles to rend their enemies to pieces. Whilst it is not uncommon to see sorcerers mix their unparalleled mastery of the arcane with blade and shield, most prefer to wield a quarterstaff. Typically reluctant to wear armor, some sorcerers have been known to summon an icy ward from the coalescing frost.

Weapons: 1-Handed Sword, Staff
Characteristics: Deals high magic damage with fire and slows down enemies with ice.
Skills: View the Sorcerer skill tree and list of skills

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