Beware the shadows… Silent warriors wielding deadly poison-tipped daggers, the Assassins are a unique mercenary in the world of Rendel. Their speed and precision allow them to exploit the weak points of any adversary, ensuring a swift and easy victory before their presence is even noticed.

An Assassin is a master of dual-wielding weaponry, especially the dagger. Trained for stealth and speed, many unwitting foes have fallen prey to the Assassin’s sharpened blades. However, to assume that their power lies only in their weapons would be a fatal mistake. Knowledgeable students of the art of toxicology, Assassins have a wide range of poisons lacing their arsenal. Even the most shallow of wounds could cost an opponent their life. Unlike Berserkers and Defenders who don heavy armor for battle, the Assassin uses light-weight leather. This provides them an average amount of protection while allowing them to maintain a high level of maneuverability.

Skills: View the Assassin skill tree

This class is currently under development and is not yet available in-game.

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